So being that magic is the next big update here is my full list of features you can expect because of the people asking for the way it will function.

  • The system of magic will use/consume ENERGY. (That's important)
  • ENERGY is the life force in every creature; In players it is hunger/hp everything else is raw hp.
  • ENERGY is contained in planet life also, but in smaller amounts; Leaves, grass, flowers, logs, wheat, potatoes, carrots, nether wart, mushrooms and mycelium, all are considered "plant life".
  • ENERGY can be draw from any plant life and/or creatures. (Including YOUR Player)
  • ENERGY is store in any gem/item made from gem.
  • SPELLS will be cast via a hotbar toggled by a configurable key (default CTRL) and selecting the slot;ALL SPELLS CONSUME ENERGY!*!*!*!*!*! (Except the transfer WORDS that allow the collection of energy)
  • SPELLS are formed via  the SPELL CREATION TABLE; They are formed by putting words of the ancient language together.
  • WORDS are found in dungeons, cities and temples.
  • SPELLS must have specific WORDS to function properly; Unspecific SPELLS could have unpredicted results.
  • PLAYERS can channel ENERGY through their DRAGONS; DRAGONS have a set amount of ENERGY before they take damage and die.
  • PLAYERS can use a CHANNELING TABLE to channel their energy into 1 item and/or entity. (Entity may not be in official relase)
  • PLAYERS can not share spells YET; If a player uses a spell they do not understand, (If a spell is found in a dungeon and/or temple), The spell will have a very random result.

This is magic in a nut shell. No other information can be prodded out of me besides this. Specific spells will never be revealed unless you reveal them!

~ Shurtugal Developement Team

- Coder, ICodeMaster[1] July 30 2013

"The way i understand are magic is going to work, is that you will have to create Scrolls/Books that contain a combo of 3 words in the Ancient language(only some combos will work). then you will right click with the book which will add the spell/word combo to your magic inventory. it will be a list of all your learned combos that you will be able to arrange in you magic hot bar like you do in normal inventory. a key will then turn you from normal mode to a magic mod where you can select and cast spells from your hot bar(it will replace your hotbar), consuming magic in the form of items or hunger(and maybe mana). that hotbar replacing system will also be the method for which you select dragon attacks while riding a dragon. "
Iamshortman[2] July 06 2013

"But news today! I have finished the Energy System for MAGIK! The first official test went well. Ill describe it to you guys a bit: First you take any gem/gem item. You right click it and use a bit of your energy(hunger), to store in the gem. Later when you need to cast a spell it will draw some energy from one of your gem items and if needed your hunger then health. This is a very early version i put to gather and will later include a way to charge a gem with multiple people at the same time. Also i wrote this in the Bukkit API for testing purposes and for one of my eragon PVP plugins! I might have some people come on and help me beta test it some time in the next week but we will see about that!"

~ <3 ICode - Developer & Coder[3] July 04 2013

["dragonrider732 said: so will these gems ( Eldunari ) and swords ( Rider Swords ) have a wear down bar and when its out it will be empty? also will only humans, elves and dwarves be able to use magic?"]
"And Urgals, now that they were implemented into the Rider pact. And as for what you said earlier, then yes, they will run out of magic. They can probably be recharged, though."
jackp132[4] Feb 10 2013

"Magic will work as so: You have to find words. You will have something like a stamina bar and when empty your health and hunger take its place. Certain gems, rider swords and eldunari will have magic "values" to them Eldunari can help you cast spells like normal and you can store power in said gems and in your swords. Also casting will be like hack and slash with hotkeys."
Xentonic[5] Feb 08 2013