Pink temple

Pink temple in a village.

Pink temples are the only place to find pink dragon eggs. They are house-shaped temples made of Pink Brick, with an open doorway on one side, and a pool of lava inside. There are three glass blocks on the side opposite the opening. A two-block wide wall of dirt will spawn to the front and right side of the temple, which is more noticeable if spawned on a hillside.


The pink temple is found in naturally generated NPC villages. Unlike the temples of other dragon eggs, the pink temple will always spawn in the NPC village.

Dragon EggEdit

Pink temple sheep

Sheep about to be sacrificed.

The dragon egg will appear when you sacrifice a pink sheep to the temple. This is done by dying a sheep pink, then leading it to the temple, then pushing it into the lava pit. This will cause the pink egg to appear in front of the lava pit, so beware not to let the egg fall into the lava.