Red temple

Red Temple

Red temples are the only place to find red dragon eggs.

They are large temples in a pyramid shape made of Red Brick, with  Glowstone climbing up the sides in a triangle pattern. Five large Obsidian columns rise out of the temple, one in the top center and 4 surrounding it. The columns have Netherrack blocks on top, which are on fire. At the top of the pyramid is a pool of lava with one Red Brick in the middle of it.


Red temples are only found in the Nether.

Dragon EggEdit

Red temple ingredients

Red Temple ingredients needed to spawn the egg.

To get the Dragon egg to spawn, you need to sacrifice ingredients into the lava pool at the top of the temple.

The items include 5 Blaze Rod, 4 Magma Cream, and 1 Nether Wart.[1]