White temple

White temple in taiga biome.

White temples are the only place to find white dragon eggs. They are big temples made of White Brick, and are much larger than any other temple. The floor inside is mostly ice, with a mother dragon guarding a stone brick pedestal. The entrance is at the top of this pyramid-shaped temple. Most of the temple is actually under the ground.


White temples are found in the taiga biome.

Dragon EggEdit

Mother dragon white temple

Mother dragon inside white temple.

Be ready for a fight! Climbing up the pyramid and dropping down into the small pool of water, you will see a big mother dragon guarding a pedestal. You will have to defeat her to get to the egg.
  • Since there is nothing directly over the pool of water inside the temple, it can freeze over, and you can die from the long fall.
  • Even though intended to be a mother dragon guarding her egg, the name tag still says 'Evil Dragon' as of version 0.5.3
  • When fighting the dragon, the fire breath attack will melt the ice on the floor, making the fight even more difficult.